S. G. M. Hossain

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We consider the problem of dynamic self-reconfiguration in a modular self-reconfigurable robot (MSR). Previous approaches to MSR self-reconfiguration solve this problem using algorithms that search for a goal configuration in the MSR’s configuration space. In contrast, we model the selfreconfiguration problem as a constrained optimization problem that(More)
We describe a distributed and autonomous technique for dynamic gait adaptation for a chain-type, modular self-reconfigurable robot (MSR) using a fuzzy logic based, closed-loop controller. To maneuver itself, each module of the MSR is provided with a set of basic or fundamental gaits within a gait control table(GCT). A relevant problem in locomotion of a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE One of the more challenging portions of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) is the urethrovesical anastomosis. Because of this, a unidirectional absorbable barbed suture (V-Loc(™)) has been used to complete the anastomosis with better efficiency and less tension. The effect of robotic needle driver manipulation on barbed(More)
With the advancements of robotic technologies, the industrial environments are adopting more and more aspects of automation to enhance product quality and accuracy and to reduce product cost. One of these aspects is the use of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) which is gaining importance in industrial logistics and transportation systems. However, in case of(More)
In this paper we describe the mechanical construction and AI-based planning techniques for the locomotion and reconfiguration of a modular self-reconfigurable robot(MSR) called ModRED (Modular Robot for Exploration and Discovery). ModRED is a highly dexterous, chain-type MSR with 4 degrees of freedom. It can maneuver in tight spaces and is suitable for(More)
Many algorithms for constrained clustering have been developed in the literature that aim to balance vector quantization requirements of cluster prototypes against the discrete satisfaction requirements of constraint (must-link or must-not-link) sets. Significant research has been devoted to designing new algorithms for constrained clustering and(More)
The industrial systems are recently leaning towards every possible means of automation for enhanced accuracy and better time management. But in case of developing countries like Bangladesh, the development of such sophisticated systems is not always cost effective for the manufacturers. Keeping this idea in mind, an initiative was taken to design and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Urethral dilation in the setting of difficult urethral catheterization is sometimes necessary to avoid suprapubic catheterization. Anecdotally, we have observed that less dilation is needed when advancing a silicone catheter over a Glidewire compared with a latex catheter of the same size. Our aim was to quantify the difference in the(More)