S. G. Kabra

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A prescription audit was carried out among the outpatient attendees of 31 secondary level hospitals under Maharashtra Health Systems Development Project. Use of drugs and cost of treatment of diarrhoea were studied using the prescriptions for diarrhoea collected for the prescription audit. Average number of drugs prescribed per prescription for treatment of(More)
  • S G Kabra
  • 1990
This report describes the construction and evaluation of an ankle-foot prosthesis using human cadaveric bones as the endoskeleton inside a fiber-reinforced vulcanized rubber shell. Cadaveric bones and exhumed skeletal bones were used. Three designs were fabricated, subjected to radiographic evaluation, and underwent 4-week field trials of normal daily use(More)
OBJECTIVE The main objective of the prescription audit of the secondary level government hospitals under the Maharashtra Health Systems Development Project (MHSDP) was to develop a list of essential drugs. Other objectives were to articulate measures for improving the prescription practices and to generate information on the core prescribing indicators(More)
The durability and function of three ankle-foot prostheses fabricated using a naturally articulated, fresh cadaveric human bone endoskeleton set in a fiber reinforced rubber shell were studied. Radiographic and force-deflection analyses before and after cyclic dorsiflexion for 5,000, 100,000, and 3 million cycles revealed no structural or functional(More)
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