S. G. Guseinova

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Clinical and electroneuromyographic studies were performed in 121 patients with diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) before and after courses of treatment with pulsed electromagnetic fields with complex modulation (PEMF-CM) at different frequencies (100 and 10 Hz). Testing of patients using the TSS and NIS LL scales demonstrated a correlation between the severity(More)
The data of the Azerbaijan Neurosurgical Center, including 2618 case-reports of patients operated on for low back discal hernia between 1997 and 2002, have been analyzed. The retrospective analysis of the data reveals that 26,4% of patients need further restorative treatment due to the presence of various neurological disturbances: pain syndromes of(More)
Physicochemical and experimental studies on pond snail neuron were made to validate combined or simultaneous usage of decimeter microwaves and deresinified naphthalane. Clinical and neurophysiological trials in 133 patients with vertebrogenic scapulohumeral periarthritis revealed that the above treatment is clinically beneficial and corrects functional(More)
Excitability of functionally different alpha-motoneurons was studied in 62 patients with gunshot injuries of nervous trunks of lower extremities both before and during process of rehabilitation by means of physical factors. The correlation of reactions of spinal cord motoneurons and the degree of injuries of nervous trunks was observed. Neuroapraxia of(More)
Immune homeostasis was studied in 35 patients with gunshot injuries of the peripheral nerves in the process of rehabilitation using bioelectrostimulation of the muscles impaired. Parameters of cellular and humoral immunity were determined. Bioelectrostimulation resulted in the regression of preexisting motor, sensitive, vegetovascular and trophic disorders.(More)
A total of 198 neurological patients on physiotherapeutic rehabilitation participated in a questionnaire survey on their quality of life. The patients had diabetic polyneuropathy (n = 86), disorders in spinal blood circulation (n = 65), 47 patients were operated for discal hernia of the lumbar spine. It was found that all the responders suffer from(More)
The efficacy of acuelectrostimulation (AES) and some aspects of the mechanism of motor function recovery were studied in 46 patients with gunshot injuries of 66 nerves and plexuses using cliniconeurophysiologic examination. It is shown that AES promotes regression of motor, sensitive and vegetovascular disturbances. A positive effect of AES on structural(More)
Naphthalan therapy was given to 48 patients with gun-shot injuries of peripheral nervous system. Clinico-electrophysiological assessment stated a regress of motor, sensitivity, vegetovascular and trophic damage after a course of naphthalan therapy, enhancement of regeneration, reinnervation, stimulation of repair in impaired nervous-muscular structures.