S G Guseĭnova

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Clinical and electroneuromyographic studies were performed in 121 patients with diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) before and after courses of treatment with pulsed electromagnetic fields with complex modulation (PEMF-CM) at different frequencies (100 and 10 Hz). Testing of patients using the TSS and NIS LL scales demonstrated a correlation between the severity(More)
Two hundreds and sixty-seven patients with gunshot injuries of 394 nerves and plexus underwent clinical and electromyographic investigation and H-reflex evaluation as well. Based on the results of the data obtained, 3 types of nerves trunk injuries: neuroapraxia, axonothmesis and neurothmesis, were identified. The reduction of biopotential amplitude and(More)
Excitability of functionally different alpha-motoneurons was studied in 62 patients with gunshot injuries of nervous trunks of lower extremities both before and during process of rehabilitation by means of physical factors. The correlation of reactions of spinal cord motoneurons and the degree of injuries of nervous trunks was observed. Neuroapraxia of(More)
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