S G C Van den Hoven

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Weaned piglets were used to determine the effect of dietary spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) on the clinical response to an infection with a pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) O139:K82 LT(-). The piglets were divided into two groups of 10 animals each. One group was fed the control diet containing soybean(meal) plus whey powder. The test piglets were(More)
The mean cross sectional area of synaptic vesicle profiles of the myoneural junction of rat diaphragm is increased significantly when rats are injected i.p. with single doses of 200 micrograms/kg dexamethasone 1/2 hr to 8 hr previously to a control injection of 0.9% NaCl. A maximum effect is observed at 8 hr after pretreatment with dexamethasone. The(More)
The concentration-dependent binding of atropine-3 H to membrane fractions from bovine tracheal muscle, parotid gland and caudate nucleus, measured by equilibrium dialysis, revealed the presence of virtually identical high affinity binding sites in all three tissues. Sch 1000 and Sch 1178 geometrical isomers of N-isopropylatropine bromide with a large(More)
The hypothesis tested in this study was that the reported beneficial effects of spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) on piglet post-weaning performance and health are associated with a trophic effect on small intestinal mucosa. At 24 days of age, the piglets of seven sows were assigned to one of three treatment groups. One group continued to be suckled. The(More)
The mean size of the synaptic vesicles in the nerve endings of the isolated rat diaphragm was significantly increased after incubation with the glucocorticoids prednisolone (10(-5) mol/l) and dexamethasone (2 X 10(-7) mol/l). The shape of the vesicles was also changed, i.e. they became rounder. Similar increases in the mean size of the diaphragm synaptic(More)
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