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The effects on diabetic control of the relative cardioselective beta-blocker metoprolol and the non-selective drug propranolol were compared in 20 hypertensive diabetic patients receiving diet alone or diet and oral hypoglycaemic agents. Each drug was given for one month in a double-blind, cross-over study. Fasting, noon, and mid-afternoon blood sugar(More)
The effect of increasing dialyzate sodium concentration from 130 to 136 mmoles/l on the incidence of muscle cramps in patients on regular dialysis treatment is assessed. This change was found to be effective in markedly reducing the incidence of cramp at the cost of a slight rise in the complaint of thirst. Mean arterial pressure rose slightly but(More)
The effect of cimetidine 1600 mg. daily for three months on prolactin and related hormones is reported. Basal prolactin levels rose slightly but not significantly. There was no change in basal thyroid and sex hormone levels nor in the prolactin, gonadotrophin or thyrotrophin responses to releasing hormone stimulation. Since intravenous cimetidine induces a(More)
In an investigation of the communication between Hospital and General Practitioners, 99 General Practitioners were asked by means of a postal questionnaire to state the relative importance they attached to the issues of speed of delivery, format, author, and the content of the discharge summaries. The issue of speed of delivery proved to be a central and(More)
Hypothalamic hypopituitarism has been associated with the intermittent intracranial hypertension of "normal-pressure" hydrocephalus. Six patients with this condition were studied endocrinologically; five showed evidence of hypothalamohypophyseal insufficiency, and, though only one needed treatment, all needed continued assessment of their endocrine state(More)
Selection procedures for medical staff have been reviewed. Much can be learnt from industrial practices, including the adoption of 'person specifications', improved references, structured interviews and training for interviewers. Possible supplementation with personality assessments is discussed. The clinical (and financial) importance of appointing the(More)