S. Gülderen Aktan

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BACKGROUND The reported prevalence of acne in adolescence is variable; improved treatment may have modified its prevalence and severity; acne has been related to psychiatric morbidity for many years. METHODS Two thousand six hundred and fifty-seven high school students were examined, and adolescents with acne were interviewed about the subject of acne(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis are both chronic erythemato-squamous dermatoses that can involve the scalp. It may be difficult to differentiate these two diseases when there is isolated scalp involvement. Recently, trichoscopy is commonly used to differentiate noncicatricial alopecias including psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis that can(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with skin disorders has been reported. OBJECTIVE To find out the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in dermatology outpatients and to investigate the factors that affect the psychiatric symptoms. METHODS 256 patients attending our dermatology outpatient clinic completed a 12-item General Health(More)
There is convincing evidence that vitiligo is a systemic disorder influencing the whole pigmentary system, including melanocytes in the inner ear. Cochlear melanocytes and also melanin-containing cellular elements of the auditory system may be affected in vitiligo and interfere with the conduction of action potentials. We conducted a prospective clinical(More)
The present study was carried out to determine the effects of using dried rose dreg (DRD) as an alternative litter material for broiler performance and microbiological characteristics of litter. A total of 225 day-old broiler chicks was raised on pine wood shavings (PS), DRD and PS+DRD until 42 days. The effects of litter material on broiler performance and(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the activities of inner ear melanin in patients with pigment variations and disorders. Our purpose was to find evidence on the effects of melanin-containing cells by measuring the high-frequency threshold and the latency of stapes reflex in patients with vitiligo. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-nine patients with active vitiligo and 41(More)
An association between skin tags and insulin resistance, obesity, impaired carbohydrate and lipid metabolism has been suggested. However, there still is a need for comprehensive and controlled clinical studies. We aimed to evaluate the atherogenic risk factors in patients with skin tags. Thirty-six patients with skin tags who were admitted to the(More)
Ophthalmic screening was done on 23,810 children visited at schools in different regions of Ankara. Children with below normal visual acuity were invited to the outpatient department and had a full routine ocular examination. Thirty-nine nursery and primary schools were selected, ten of them private, eleven average state schools, seven good state schools(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians are searching for new methods to diagnose and predict the course of androgenetic alopecia noninvasively. OBJECTIVE Our aim is to evaluate trichoscopic findings and their relations with disease severity in androgenetic alopecia. METHODS The videodermatoscopic findings of 143 female and 63 male patients with androgenetic alopecia(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Investigations on the mechanical properties of human hair are inadequate. This research explores the break force of anagen hair by forming criteria according to the diameter of hair, gender, age, strain, use of drugs and hair dyes and how these criteria affect the mechanical resistance of hair. METHODS The resistances of anagen hair of(More)