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A G-equivariant spinc structure on a manifold gives rise to a virtual representation of the group G, called the spinc quantization of the manifold. We present a cutting construction for S-equivariant spinc manifolds, and show that the quantization of the original manifold is isomorphic to the direct sum of the quantizations of the cut spaces. Our proof uses(More)
BACKGROUND In intensive care units (ICUs) inanimate surfaces and equipment may be contaminated by nosocomial pathogens, including multi-drug resistant microorganisms. AIMS To assess the degree of patients' close and distant environmental contamination including healthcare workers' (HCWs) hands with nosocomial pathogens under real life situations and to(More)
It is well known that spinors on oriented Riemannian manifolds cannot be defined as sections of a vector bundle associated with the frame bundle (see [1]). For this reason spin and spinc structures are often introduced. In this paper we prove that spinc structures have a universal property among all other structures that enable the construction of spinor(More)
We define spinc prequantization of a symplectic manifold to be a spinc structure and a connection which are compatible with the symplectic form. We describe the cutting of an S-equivariant spinc prequantization. The cutting process involves a choice of a spinc prequantization for the complex plane. We prove that the cutting is possible if and only if the(More)
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