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STUDY OBJECTIVE Anecdotal evidence suggests that the population displaced to shelters from Hurricane Katrina had a significant burden of disease, socioeconomic vulnerability, and marginalized health care access. For agencies charged with providing health care to at-risk displaced populations, knowing the prevalence of acute and chronic disease is critical(More)
This is a summary of the proceedings of the Conference on the Health Aspects of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia that was convened by the World Health Organization in Phuket, Thailand from 04-06 May 2005. It contains reviews of the experiences of the health sector and early recovery following the Earthquake and Tsunami with emphasis on what was done well and(More)
As the humanitarian health response industry grows, there is a need for technical health expertise that can build an evidence base around outcome measures and raise the quality and accountability of the health relief response. We propose the formation of technical support units (TSUs), entities of health expertise institutionalized within humanitarian(More)
SUMMARY This paper describes the issues involved in sharing data among processes executing cooperatively in a heterogeneous computing environment. In a heterogeneous environment, the physical representation of a data object may need to be transformed when the object is moved from one type of processor to another. As a part of a larger project to build a(More)
Recently, international human rights leaders have renewed the call for advocacy on economic, social, and cultural rights and suggested partnerships with local organizations. The Thai Drug Users' Network (TDN) promotes the human rights of a marginalized and medically underserved population within Thailand. It also works internationally to reduce drugrelated(More)
This is a summary of the presentations and discussion of Session 1.4, Health Services Delivery: A Critical Review of Experience, of the Conference, Health Aspects of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia, convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Phuket, Thailand, 04-06 May 2005. The topics discussed included issues related to health services delivery as(More)