S. Fields

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A wealth of molecular interaction data is available in the literature, ranging from large-scale datasets to a single interaction confirmed by several different techniques. These data are all too often reported either as free text or in tables of variable format, and are often missing key pieces of information essential for a full understanding of the(More)
To meet the stringent requirements of interconnect metallization for sub-32 nm technologies, an unprecedented level of flux and energy control of film forming species has become necessary to further advance ionized physical vapor deposition technology. Such technology development mandates improvements in methods to quantify the metal ion fraction, the(More)
There is a proliferation of data sources in biology. A complete understanding of a biological problem often requires the integration of multiple data sources, each providing insights on certain aspects of the problem. Furthermore, different sources often represent data in different ways, even when they cover the same information. Researchers interested in a(More)
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