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In 53 women admitted for first-trimester abortion, the cervical canal was dilated with laminaria tents prior to vacuum aspiration. Before insertion of the tents, endocervical specimens were taken for microbiological investigations, including Chlamydia trachomatis, and both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. The laminaria tents, widened by their(More)
The influence of delivery in breech presentation on the occurrence of minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) has been studied. Parents of 8--15 year old children were asked to account for behavioral and educational deficits and needs of their children from birth until the date of investigation. It was found that among prematurely delivered children, the frequency(More)
Mesh of absorbable polyglactin 910 instead of human tissues or nonabsorbable synthetic materials was utilized for retropubic sling procedures in 21 women with urinary stress incontinence. The patients have been observed for a period ranging from 4 to 14 months. 20 of them are continent while there was 1 relapse after 2 months. The postoperative(More)
The frequency of cornu-fundal implantation of the placenta in association with breech presentation was investigated in the following study. In a series of 124 women with breech presentation, and 125 women with cephalic presentation at or near term, the implantation site of the placenta was demonstrated by ultrasonography. It was found that with breech(More)
In a double blind trial on ten healthy volunteers, the efficacy of a topically applied mucopolysaccharide polysulphate in the treatment of subcutaneous haematomas was assessed. Standardized haematomas were induced by subcutaneous injection of a mixture of autogenous blood and 125I-fibrinogen. The absorption of the haematoma, expressed as the removal of the(More)
Transabdominal urethrocystopexy by using a two-component fibrin sealant as a substitute for sutures was performed in 99 women suffering from proved urinary stress incontinence. All were assessed preoperatively, both clinically and by urodynamic tests. This report deals with the results after a follow-up period not shorter than 1 year and up to 4 years. We(More)
The postoperative fertility of 292 cases of ectopic pregnancy treated 1972-1979 was studied. Of these 156 were operated upon during 1972-1976, when only determinations of HCG in urine were available and 136 during 1977-1979, when RIA-determinations of HCG in serum made an earlier pregnancy diagnosis possible. In spite of the fact that the time of(More)