S Fert-Ferrer

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The NUP98 gene is fused with 19 different partner genes in various human hematopoietic malignancies. In order to gain additional clinico-hematological data and to identify new partners of NUP98, the Groupe Francophone de Cytogénétique Hématologique (GFCH) collected cases of hematological malignancies where a 11p15 rearrangement was detected. Fluorescence in(More)
Reaching an accurate diagnosis in children with mental retardation associated or not with dysmorphic signs is important to make precise diagnosis of a syndrome and for genetic counseling. A female case with severe growth and development delay, dysmorphic features and feeding disorder is presented. Antenataly, the fetus was observed to have increased nuchal(More)
Balanced complex chromosomal rearrangements (BCCR) encompass a heterogeneous group of rare chromosomal aberrations. In this paper, we report three cases of BCCRs. In two the probands were referred for either genetic counseling or prenatal management. One case was ascertained after chromosome analysis performed because of psychiatric manifestations; this was(More)
We describe a subtle translocation t(8;11)(p23.2;p15.5) ascertained after two induced abortions in the same sibship because of the discovery of fetal hydrops on ultrasound examination. Initial cytogenetic studies performed on cultured amniotic fluid cells were considered as normal in both fetuses. High resolution banding analysis and FISH studies performed(More)
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