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Recognizing lines of unconstrained handwritten text is a challenging task. The difficulty of segmenting cursive or overlapping characters, combined with the need to exploit surrounding context, has led to low recognition rates for even the best current recognizers. Most recent progress in the field has been made either through improved preprocessing or(More)
This paper presents a method to obtain a single continuos polygonal mesh representing a branched structure taken from a tree and modelled by a L-systems-based method. A refinement process is made once the model of the tree is obtained. This process produces smooth transitions in the tree areas joining the branches. That is, the overlapping problems and(More)
HBV-X protein is associated with the pathogenesis of HBV related diseases, specially in hepatocellular carcinomas of chronic patients. Genetic variability of the X gene includes genotypic specific variations and mutations emerging during chronic infection. Its coding sequence overlaps important regions for virus replication, including the basal core(More)
Tigecycline (TIG) is an antibiotic belonging to the glycylcyclines class and appears to be a good choice to fight infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus. To date, TIG exhibits good activity against this microorganism. The aim of this work was to obtain in vitro mutants of S. aureus resistant to TIG and evaluate possible changes in their susceptibility(More)
BACKGROUND Screening for Fabry disease (FD) in high risk populations yields a significant number of individuals with novel, ultra rare genetic variants in the GLA gene, largely without classic manifestations of FD. These variants often have significant residual α-galactosidase A activity. The establishment of the pathogenic character of previously unknown(More)
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