S. Farid Hendi

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The roughness of the protein energy surface poses a significant challenge to search algorithms that seek to obtain a structural characterization of the native state. Recent research seeks to bias search toward near-native conformations through one-dimensional structural profiles of the protein native state. Here we investigate the effectiveness of such(More)
Protein structure prediction remains a central challenge in computational structural biology. Even at the coarse-grained level of detail, the protein conformational space is vast, and available energy functions contain many false local minima. In order to effectively characterize this space, a conformational search must sample a geometrically-diverse set of(More)
This paper deals with an alternative method in contrast to common classifiers that use very complex methods such as statistical pattern recognition, fuzzy system and neural networks for determining sleep-wake states from the electrooculogram signals (EOG). The method involves a straight forward EOG based signal processing and feature extraction algorithm(More)
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