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An interior permanent magnet hysteresis (IPMHS) motor is a solid-rotor self-starting synchronous motor. Its rotor has a solid hysteresis ring made of composite materials of high degree of magnetic hysteresis with buried permanent magnets inside the ring. In this paper, the nonlinear behavior of the rotor hysteresis material is modeled using the elliptical(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the compliance of hand hygiene among the trainee physicians of a tertiary care teaching hospital; and to identify physicians' opinion regarding various obstacles in adhering to the hand hygiene principles. METHODS Cross-sectional survey was conducted among the Interns (House Officers) and Post Graduate trainee physicians of a(More)
Design of self-start permanent magnet motors over wide operating range has been a challenging topic of interest among the researchers over the last two decades. This paper presents the design and finite element analysis of a novel 1HP 208V 3-phase 4-pole line start radial flux hysteresis interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor. The proposed motor is a(More)
The study was conducted to estimate the serum lipid levels in women using depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). A total of 90 Bangladeshi married women of age group 15-40 years attending the Model Family Planning Clinic, Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, Mymensingh, from July 2010 to June 2011. Patients were classified into three groups comprising(More)
A line-start interior permanent magnet (LSIPM) motor is an induction-start synchronous motor. LSIPM motors are subjected to inherent hunting phenomena. Applications such as reciprocating pumps and compressors create periodic load torque variations; inducing hunting in the system. Hunting introduces torsional vibration in the motor drive system. This paper(More)
In this paper, an evaluation of signature performances for a hybrid dqWPT based differential protection technique for power transformers is carried out. The extracted signature, from the behavior of different types of transients in the power transformer, is tested and evaluated in order to provide a fast protection for power transformers. This algorithm(More)
This paper presents a novel maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control strategy for a small scale variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) based marine current energy conversion system. A nonlinear control algorithm for the load side converter to extract maximum power has been proposed to adequately deal with the inherent nonlinearities(More)
Marine current has always been considered as a potential abundant source of energy. The design of small autonomous variable speed marine current energy conversion systems (MCECS) has been always a big engineering challenge. This paper presents the design, and control of a variable speed MCECS. A laboratory prototype of a small scale MCECS was developed and(More)
This paper presents an improved analytical method for determining the synchronizing capability of a line start interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous motor. Approximate solution techniques based on average torque analysis for determining the critical slip and maximum inertia are also presented. A dynamic d-q axis model of the motor is developed to(More)
A hysteresis interior permanent-magnet (IPM) motor is a solid-rotor self-starting synchronous motor. Its rotor has a hysteresis ring made of composite material with high degree of hysteresis energy per unit volume. The Neodymium Boron Iron (Nd-B-Fe) magnets are buried inside the hysteresis ring. This paper presents the analytical modeling of a hysteresis(More)