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Skin biopsy specimens were obtained from 43 consecutive patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria and from seven normal controls. Of 43 patients, 42 had a non-necrotizing perivascular infiltrate composed primarily of mononuclear cells. There was no evidence of damage to vessel walls, of nuclear debris, or of extravasation of red blood cells, and most cells(More)
Two patients presented with a history of exercise-induced hypotension associated with severe pruritus and either generalized urticaria or facial angioedema. Each patient was exercised under controlled conditions with use of bicycle ergometer exerciser (900 KPM/min) for 20 to 30 min at 23 degrees C. Each patients complained of generalized pruritus and then(More)
Three subjects diagnosed as having idiopathic acquired cold urticaria were studied to assess the ability of orally administered tiaramide to inhibit the wheal induced following cold challenge with ice cubes placed in contact with the skin, and to establish the safety of multiple doses of 250 mg, q.i.d., for one week administered after a single oral dose of(More)
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