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1. Cocaine and anabolic-androgenic steroids are among the more commonly abused substances in selected populations. These agents, when used alone or in combination, have been reported to cause aggressive tendencies in both laboratory-based animal models and in human clinical situations. This project, using a resident-intruder paradigm, examined the effects(More)
Use and abuse of various controlled substances in recent years has reached alarming levels. Among these are cocaine and anabolic steroids. The two contrasting types of drug have common sites of action within the limbic system of the central nervous system. The ability of cocaine to provoke seizures is well documented, and sex hormones also have been shown(More)
Male Swiss mice, 25-30 g, were utilized to define some of the behavioral effects of the herbicides Lasso [alachlor 43%; (A)], Basalin [fluchloralin 45%; (F)], Premerge 3 [dinoseb 51%; (D)], and the fungicide Maneb-80 [maneb 80%; (M)]. These compounds were tested for their effects on locomotor activity and for their ability to establish a conditioned taste(More)
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