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Enteric microflora of ulcerative colitis patients becomes aberrant. The abnormal interaction between microflora and intestinal mucosal immune system leads the mucosal inflammation. Probiotic administration may recover the commensal microflora and normalise the host-microbial interaction. In this experiment, we cocultured colonic biopsies from active(More)
OBJECTIVES Copper has been added to scaffolds when investigating bone repair, as an agent to promote vascularization; however, little is known concerning its effect on mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are considered to be the origin of osteoblasts. In this study, we have aimed to elucidate effects of copper on osteogenic differentiation of MSCs. (More)
Two specific carbamyl phosphate synthetase I gene binding nuclear proteins (M. W. 109 kD and 74 kD) have been determined in the rat liver by the protein blotting technique (Southwestern blot assay). The result shows that they are not present in the normal rat spleen and F-26 rat hepatoma cell. The Bal31 nuclease deletion in the CPSI gene 5' upstream region(More)
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