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Studies of polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) uptake by plants have been conducted in hydroponic solutions and in greenhouse experiments with soil. Autoradiograms of corn and soybean seedlings grown in hydroponic solutions showed no translocation of 14C-PBB from 14C-PBB-treated solutions to plant tops or within the leaf from 14C-PBB-treated spots on the upper(More)
Soil samples were collected from 28 fields which had received manure from Michigan's most highly contaminated dairy herds. The number of fields in each concentration range of PBB in soil were: 2, not detectable; 15, 0.0 to 8.0 ppb; 6, 14-102 ppb, and 5, 153 to 371 ppb. Plant tissue sampled from the 10 most highly contaminated fields contained no detectable(More)
2013: A real-time MODIS vegetation product for land surface and numerical weather prediction models. 2012: Diagnosis of a dense fog event using MODIS and high resolution GOES satellite products with direct model output. 2013: Transitioning research to operations: Transforming the " valley of death " into a " valley of opportunity ". 2012: Improved regional(More)
Modern transportation systems are subject to unintentional contamination from infected passengers, as well as deliberate contamination from criminals and political adversaries. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years as a disinfectant in the medical community and is under consideration in the dilute vapor form as a decontaminant/disinfectant/sterilant for(More)
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