S. Eleftheriadis

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INTRODUCTION The reliability of autocalibrated pressure waveform analysis by the FloTrac-Vigileo(R) (FTV) system for the determination of cardiac output in comparison with intermittent pulmonary arterial thermodilution (IPATD) is controversial. The present prospective comparison study was designed to determine the effects of variations in arterial blood(More)
An innovative pain management system, namely Epione, is presented here. Epione deals with three main types of pain, i.e., acute pain, chronic pain, and phantom limb pain. In particular, by using facial expression analysis, Epione forms a dynamic pain meter, which then triggers biofeedback and augmented reality-based destruction scenarios, in an effort to(More)
—Post-amputation sensation often translates to the feeling of severe pain in the missing limb, referred to as phantom limb pain (PLP). A clear and rational treatment regimen is difficult to establish, as long as the underlying pathophysiology is not fully known. In this work, an innovative PLP management system is presented, as a module of an holistic(More)
Kartagener syndrome consists of congenital bronchiectasis, sinusitis, and total situs inversus in half of the patients. A patient diagnosed with Kartagener syndrome was referred to our department due to 3-vessel coronary disease. An off-pump coronary artery bypass operation was performed using both internal thoracic arteries and a saphenous vein graft. We(More)
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