S. Ejaz Ahmed

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Helicobacter pylori causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, and gastric carcinoma. Gastric epithelial cells provide the first point of contact between H. pylori and the host. TLRs present on these cells recognize various microbial products, resulting in the initiation of innate immunity. Although previous reports investigated TLR signaling in response to(More)
In this communication, sample measures of kurtosis adapted by various software packages are compared for data from normal and non-normal populations. Further, two improved estimators of population kurtosis are proposed and their performance is compared with the currently used measures. The suggested estimators have considerably lower mean squared error(More)
In this paper, we consider improved estimation strategies for the parameter vector in multiple regression models with first-order random coefficient autoregressive errors (RCAR(1)). We propose a shrinkage estimation strategy and implement variable selection methods such as lasso and adaptive lasso strategies. The simulation results reveal that the shrinkage(More)
Nowadays we are often confronted with data sets containing many variables, in some cases the number of variables exceeds the sample size. Modeling such data, and in particular high-dimensional data, poses many challenges, often involving complex data structures. Specifically, a range of different models with varying complexity can be considered and a model(More)
From tumor to tumor, there is a great variation in the proportion of cancer cells growing and making daughter cells that ultimately metastasize. The differential growth within a single tumor, however, has not been studied extensively and this may be helpful in predicting the aggressiveness of a particular cancer type. The estimation problem of tumor growth(More)