S Efrat

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The role of viral oncoprotein expression in the maintenance of cellular transformation was examined as a function of time through controlled expression of simian virus 40 T antigen (TAg). Expression of TAg in the submandibular gland of transgenic mice from the time of birth induced cellular transformation and extensive ductal hyperplasia by 4 months of age.(More)
The regulatory region of the rat preproglucagon gene targets expression of the SV40 large T oncoprotein to two cell types in transgenic mice, the pancreatic alpha cells and a set of neurons localized in the hindbrain, both of which normally produce preproglucagon. Additional neurons in the forebrain and midbrain stain for T antigen but do not express the(More)
Scientists in our section study oncogenes, genes that drastically alter the proliferative capacity of normal cells. In particular, we have concentrated our efforts on the RAS oncogenes, which were among the first genes implicated in human can­ cer. The study of RAS has been facilitated by the recent discovery that close homologs exist in the yeast(More)
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