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BACKGROUND Low postoperative pain level, decreased length of hospital stay and accelerated rehabilitation are the major benefits of unicondylar knee arthroplasty. Especially in comparably young, not yet retired and still active patients with an isolated medial gonarthrosis, these prostheses offer many advantages. However, one important requirement to be(More)
The goal of using navigation systems in total hip arthroplasty (THA) is to minimise malpositioned components, increase range of motion, and decrease the risk of dislocation, which may result in long-term stability. The two systems used to navigate the acetabular component are CT-based and fluoroscopy-based. Between May 2001 and May 2002, surgery was(More)
AIM Resection arthroplasty is an accepted surgical option to treat severe late periprosthetic infections. However, it is known that one has to consider that a persistence of infection is very often combined with a permanent fistula in approximately 10 % of the patients. In particular, the occurrence of a fistula and pain caused by the persistent infection(More)
Due to heavy workloads and shortage of staff, doctors often find it difficult to explain operations to their patients with the legally required detail and timing (in Germany, 24 h preop). This is however mandatory for obtaining informed consent. We developed a computer program that generates films explaining 24 common orthopedic operations and blood(More)
BACKGROUND The sacroiliac joint is a widely described source of low back pain. Therapeutic approaches to relieve pain include the application of pelvic belts. However, the effects of pelvic belts on sacroiliac joint ligaments as potential pain generators are mostly unknown. OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to analyze the influence of pelvic belts on(More)
A system for the generation of sentences is proposed which operates on three levels (constituent, transformational, and lexical) in such a way that there results a simplification in formulation, which is accomplished by allowing the initial symbol S to dominate other occurences of the same symbol S, and by adopting the convention whereby first the(More)
Acetabular fracture presents a challenging situation to trauma surgeons today due to its complexity. Finite element (FE) models can be of great help as they can improve the surgical planning and post surgery patient management for those with acetabular fractures. We have developed a non-linear finite element model of the pelvis and validated its fracture(More)
  • S Klima
  • 1998
In laparoscopic appendectomy several variants of technique have been proposed. In a randomized prospective trial we compared three common techniques: 1. application of two endoloops, 2. application of two endoloops and additional manual stump sinking 3. application of endo-cutter. The study included 150 patients, 50 each per technique. The application of(More)
The flexible Triac-Brace was developed to improve cosmetic appearance and wearing comfort. It was evaluated in this study with respect to primary curve correction in idiopathic scoliosis (IS). Twenty patients (15 girls, 5 boys, mean age: 12.5) with a diagnosis of IS were treated with the Triac-Brace. Lumbar curves showed an initial average Cobb angle of 26(More)
BACKGROUND Decreasing numbers of students are interested in starting a surgical career, posing substantial challenges to patient care in the next years. The anatomy course is one of the key subjects in medical training, especially in surgical disciplines. Innovative teaching concepts that integrate surgically relevant anatomy and manual dexterity might help(More)