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Faeces from 10 colon cancer patients and from 10 control subjects were studied by quantitative and qualitative aerobic and anaerobic techniques using a variety of non selective, selective and differential media. In several cases, there were significantly different numbers of organisms of specific types recovered from the two groups studied. Most prominent(More)
This study confirmed that Feinberg and Whittington medium was suitable for the cultivation and detailed study of the growth cycle of two clinical strains of Trichomonas vaginalis under anaerobic conditions. Both strains showed a similar growth pattern characterised by early but slow growth, extended duration of the logarithmic phase and limited survival(More)
All strains of oral streptococci tested and specially those of Streptococcus mutans, Strep. sanguis and Strep. mitior produced more than one distinct bacteriocin-like substance with variable inhibitory activity on 20 indicator staphylococci. Inhibitory activity was comparatively higher on nasal strains of Staph. aureus and Staph. epidermidis than on strains(More)
The presence of "natural antibodies" against colicines was detected in the sera of 13 (29.5%) hospitalized recruits aged 20-29 years, 4 (25%) hospitalized males aged 30-49 years, 8 (40%) outpatient elderly subjects aged 50-79 years and in the sera of 15 (27.2%) animals. It is discussed the possible role of colicines as antigenic determinants stimulating the(More)
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