S E Trippet

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What reasons do lesbians have for not seeking health care? From three women's cultural events in 1990, a convenience sample was formed of 503 women (78% of whom were lesbians) who volunteered to complete a pretested qualitative and quantitative instrument. The reasons given for not seeking health care from traditional sources were that (a) low-cost,(More)
A holistic model of women's health nursing is developed, using Lancaster and Lancaster's (1981) steps in model building. The model is based on women's conscious awareness of problems existing in eight identified categories. Depression and problems with sexuality are permeating concepts within the model, because women's problems influence and are influenced(More)
The literature on lesbians' mental health issues offers mostly research on selected issues and few comprehensive studies. Using a pretested qualitative and quantitative instrument, I elicited 503 lesbian women's responses to questions on issues known to affect lesbians' mental health. The participants were more likely to seek professional assistance for(More)
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