S E Ridley

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The increase in social computing has provided the situation where large amounts of personal information are being posted online. This makes people vulnerable to social engineering attacks because their personal details are readily available. Our automated approach for personal data extraction was developed to extract personal details and top friends from(More)
Studies of patients with unilateral lesions report hemisphere-specific and locus-specific impairments on Russell's (1975) Revision of the Wechsler Memory Scale (RWMS). In the current investigation "race-homogeneous" and "race-comparative" paradigms provide the context in which the generalizability of RWMS findings are examined in a population of African(More)
This study investigated and compared the validity of the proposed "High Score" (HS) approach to scoring two Rorschach measures of cognitive development, Friedman's Developmental Level (DL) and Exner's Developmental Quality (DQ). These two measures were scored by the HS approach, and the resulting HSDL and HSDQ scores were examined in relation to age and(More)
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