S. E. Markossian

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Chromatin and nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) undergo dramatic changes during mitosis, which in vertebrates and Aspergillus nidulans involves movement of Nup2 from NPCs to the chromatin region to fulfill unknown functions. This transition is shown to require the Cdk1 mitotic kinase and be promoted prematurely by ectopic expression of the NIMA kinase. Nup2(More)
This work investigated the effect of different doses of PGE2 on net water and Cl- absorption from the rat colon, using an in situ perfusion technique. PGE2 exerted opposite effects at different concentrations. Net water and Cl- absorption was significantly reduced at low doses with a minimum at 0.4 microg/100g BW, and significantly elevated at high doses(More)
Most solid tumors are aneuploid, carrying an abnormal number of chromosomes, and they frequently missegregate whole chromosomes in a phenomenon termed chromosome instability (CIN). While CIN can be provoked through disruption of numerous mitotic pathways, it is not clear which of these mechanisms are most critical, or whether alternative mechanisms could(More)
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