S E Levander

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has long been recognized in children, and for many the disorder persists into adulthood. There is a growing concern that the adults with ADHD who have the least favorable outcome, are among those who end up in prison. The aim of this study was to assess childhood ADHD and its persistence into adulthood among a(More)
Skill, strategy, and laterality measures obtained through computerized neuropsychological tasks, a reaction time (RT) test, and a visuospatial problem-solving test, the Perceptual Maze Test, were analyzed in relation to sex and handedness of 56 high-school students. Boys were significantly faster than girls on most RT subtasks (including a(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEM) and neuropsychological performance were examined in a sample of 29 drug-treated schizophrenic patients and 22 healthy controls. Patients had impairment in SPEM as well as in a wide range of neuropsychological tests (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test. Finger Tapping, Reaction time, Selective(More)
Postoperative verification of radiosurgical lesions in white matter has been difficult to obtain with CT. With magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, however, lesions could be demonstrated in patients undergoing a psychosurgical procedure, gamma capsulotomy, for anxiety disorder. The appearance and location of the lesions were related to the irradiation dose and(More)
Information regarding conditions during pregnancy and delivery was obtained by extensive interviews with mothers to left-handed and right-handed students. Using the same criterion as van Strien, Bouma and Bakker (1987) for defining birth stress, the present study did not replicate their findings of higher frequency of reported birth stress in left-handers.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between the prevalence of schizophrenia and measures of social deprivation in varying areas in the city of Malmö. METHOD A case-finding study of schizophrenia was combined with a victimization survey. Data was factor-analysed and visualized using geographical information system software. RESULTS The(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEM) were measured in 18 patients who met Research Diagnostic Criteria for schizophrenia. Some degree of SPEM impairment was present in most patients. Deviant eye tracking was not related to ratings of severity of illness, but was related to recurrent episodes of hospitalization, antipsychotic medication, and lower ratings in(More)
A double-blind, intra-individual cross-over comparison of the mental performance of 18 aging, non-deteriorated individuals during two 4-week periods of piracetam (1-acetamide-2-pyrrolidone) and placebo administration was performed using conventional and computerized perceptual-motor tasks. In a majority of these tasks the subjects did significantly better(More)
Platelet MAO activity has been found to have behavioral (psychiatric and personality) correlates. The purpose of the present study was to explore the nature of the connections between platelet MAO activity and behavior by analyzing performance in neuropsychological tasks in relation to platelet MAO activity, measured in 37 male subjects. The following(More)
Two forms of a Chimeric Faces Free-Vision Task used to estimate cerebral asymmetry for perceiving facial expression were given to young male subjects, n = 60 in a first session and n = 40 in a retest session. Test-retest and split-half reliabilities were high. As expected from assumptions of right-hemisphere specialization for processing expression, faces(More)