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We present observations for 20-MA wire-array z pinches of an extended wire ablation period of 57%+/-3% of the stagnation time of the array and non-thin-shell implosion trajectories. These experiments were performed with 20-mm-diam wire arrays used for the double- z -pinch inertial confinement fusion experiments [M. E. Cuneo, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 215004(More)
We have measured the x-ray power and energy radiated by a tungsten-wire-array z pinch as a function of the peak pinch current and the width of the anode-cathode gap at the base of the pinch. The measurements were performed at 13- and 19-MA currents and 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-mm gaps. The wire material, number of wires, wire-array diameter, wire-array length,(More)
The radiation and shock generated by impact of an annular tungsten Z-pinch plasma on a 10-mm diam 5-mg/cc CH(2) foam are diagnosed with x-ray imaging and power measurements. The radiative shock was virtually unaffected by Z-pinch plasma instabilities. The 5-ns-duration approximately 135-eV radiation field imploded a 2.1-mm-diam CH capsule. The measured(More)
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