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1 Mojave toxin isolated from the venom of the Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus) produced an irreversible blockade of the contractile response of the mouse hemidiaphragm to stimulation of the phrenic nerve in vitro, at concentrations of 0.16 to 20 mug/ml; the response to direct stimulation was not affected over a testing period of several(More)
1. Gastric emptying has been studied in the conscious, standing calf by lateral radiography and fluoroscopy of radiopaque meals instilled into the abomasum before and after vagotomy. 2. Bilateral cervical vagotomy proved to be the only certain way of achieving total vagal transection. By instillation of milk into the abomasum through a cannula calves were(More)
Calves were prepared with abomasal and duodenal cannulae to assess the effects on abomasal emptying of duodenal infusates at different rates and different sites. In two calves infusions of isotonic NaHCO3 or 60 mM HCl 30 cm distal to the pylorus were as effective in controlling abomasal emptying as infusions of the duodenum from 5 cm distal to the pylorus,(More)
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