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Corn and rice genetic linkage map alignments were extended and refined by the addition of 262 new, reciprocally mapped maize cDNA loci. Twenty chromosomal rearrangements were identified in maize relative to rice and these included telomeric fusions between rice linkage groups, nested insertion of rice linkage groups, intrachromosomal inversions, and a(More)
A molecular map has been constructed for the rice genome comprised of 726 markers (mainly restriction fragment length polymorphisms; RFLPs). The mapping population was derived from a backcross between cultivated rice, Oryza sativa, and its wild African relative, Oryza longistaminata. The very high level of polymorphism between these species, combined with(More)
The transmembrane (TM) domains of many integral membrane proteins are composed of alpha-helix bundles. Structure determination at high resolution (<4 A) of TM domains is still exceedingly difficult experimentally. Hence, some TM-protein structures have only been solved at intermediate (5-10 A) or low (>10 A) resolutions using, for example, cryo-electron(More)
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