S E Halpern

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A program was developed to extract from brain SPECT data global as well as regional concentrations of a radiopharmaceutical while allowing for improved subjective evaluation of its distribution. This program was used to process the data obtained from 17 normal subjects, 20 min, 2 hr, and 4 hr after the injection of iodine-labeled iodoamphetamines. The mean(More)
Ten long-term abstinent alcoholics (mean abstinence = 7.7 years) were compared with 13 recently detoxified substance-dependent inpatients (mean abstinence = 25 days) and 8 nonalcoholic control subjects on global end regional measures of cortical cerebral blood flow (CBF), and on neuropsychological measures. CBF was assessed using 123iodoamphetamine (IMP)(More)
We wished to explore the relationships between waking HMPAO uptake and visually scored polysomnography. We hypothesized that HMPAO activity would correlate positively with slow wave sleep measures the same night. Eight unmedicated unipolar patients with current DSM-IV major depression (17-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale score 21.5+/-2.9) and seven(More)
We compared global and regional cerebral blood flow in 11 schizophrenic patients and 11 normal comparison subjects, all over the age of 45 years. The schizophrenic patients had lower global cortical uptake than the control subjects. Among the individual regions of interest, the schizophrenic patients had significant decrements in the left posterior frontal(More)
We present a method whereby the geometric registration of a series of ion microscopic images is performed by applying a two-step procedure. After applying a global linear transformation that corrects for geometric differences, a non-linear elastic transform is used in order to match local properties and structures of the images. Transformation parameters(More)
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