S E Geel

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A dual-task paradigm was used to determine the attentional demands of several postural control tasks in 16 older women (age, 71.5+/-3.4 years) and 14 young women (age, 25.5+/-2.4 years). Older women had slower verbal reaction times (VRT) compared with the younger women and increased reaction time more from a sitting to standing posture. Compared with the(More)
A time-decay colchicine-binding assay was used under optimal conditions for measuring tubulin concentration in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum during postnatal development. In both brain areas soluble tubulin concentration (pmoles colchicine bound/mg tissue) declined by about 35% between 4 and 12 days of age after which the decrease was more gradual up(More)
Cell-free incorporation of (14C) leucine into protein was 38% greater for cerebral cortical microsomes from 22-day old neonatally thyroidectomized rats compared to littermate controls. In contrast, incorporation by liver microsomes of hypothyroid rats was 33% lower compared to controls, confirming their deficient hormonal state. Incubation of cerebral(More)
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