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We have studied the metabolic and functional effects of two new platelet-activating factor (PAF) antagonists (BN 50726 and BN 50739) and their diluent (dimethyl sulfoxide; DMSO) during reoxygenation of the 14-min ischemic isolated brain. Blood gases, EEG, auditory evoked potentials, cerebral metabolic rate for glucose (CMRglc), and cerebral metabolic rate(More)
In vivo 31P magnetic resonance spectra of 16 isolated dog brains were studied by using a 9.4-T wide-bore superconducting magnet. The observed Pi peak had an irregular shape, which implied that it represented more than one single homogeneous pool of Pi. To evaluate our ability to discriminate between single and multiple peaks and determine peak areas, we(More)
The inorganic phosphate (Pi) NMR peak in brain has an irregular shape, which suggests that it represents more than a single homogeneous pool of Pi. To test the ability of the Marquardt-Levenberg (M-L) nonlinear curve fit algorithm software (Peak-Fit) to separate multiple peaks, locate peak centers, and estimate peak heights, we studied simulated Pi spectra(More)
The contributions of five variables believed to influence the brain's metabolism of O2 during hypoxia [duration, PaO2, delta CMRO2 (the difference between normal and experimental oxygen uptake), O2 availability (blood O2 content.CBF), and O2 deficit (delta CMRO2.duration)] were assessed by stepwise and multiple linear regression. Levels of brain tissue(More)
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