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INTRODUCTION The Network Genomic Medicine Lung Cancer was set up to rapidly translate scientific advances into early clinical trials of targeted therapies in lung cancer performing molecular analyses of more than 3500 patients annually. Because sequential analysis of the relevant driver mutations on fixated samples is challenging in terms of workload,(More)
Comparative genomics is a superior way to identify phylogenetically conserved features like genes or regions involved in gene regulation. The comparison of extended orthologous chromosomal regions should also reveal other characteristic traits essential for chromosome or gene function. In the present study we have sequenced and compared a region of(More)
Phylogeographic analyses of the gall fly Urophora cardui have in earlier studies based on allozymes and mtDNA identified small-scale, parapatrically diverged populations within an expanding Western Palearctic population. However, the low polymorphism of these markers prohibited an accurate delimitation of the evolutionary origin of the parapatric(More)
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