S. E. Baibakov

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The aim of the present work was to identify complex morphometric characteristics of the living brain in children aged one year with assessment of individual variation (sexual, interhemisphere) by magnetic resonance tomography. The results demonstrated sexual dimorphism in brain sizes: endbrain sizes were generally larger in boys, while structures in the(More)
In 154 girls and 58 young men aged 17-21 years, a new body mass index (BMI2 = M/H3), body form index (BFI=S/M2/3), body build index IBBI = (M/H3)1/2], and body fatness index (BFI = M/HC2) were determined; in which C, H, M, S correspond to the wrist circumference, body height, body mass and body area. It was shown that all the indices mentioned demonstrated(More)
The present study was designed to give the integrated intravital morphometric characteristic of the brain of one-year-old infants taking into account their individual variation (sex-related, interhemispheric) using magnetic resonance tomography. The research has revealed a sexual dimorphism of the brain dimensions: telencephalic dimensions were found to(More)
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