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The syntheses of a group of spermine polyamine analogues and their evaluation as antidiarrheals are described. Each compound was assessed in a rodent castor oil-induced diarrhea model for its ability to reduce stool output and weight loss in a dose-dependent manner. The spermine pharmacophore is shown to be an excellent platform from which to construct(More)
The synthesis and iron-clearing properties of the naphthyldesferrithiocins 2-(2'-hydroxynaphth-1'-yl)-delta2-thiazoline-(4R)-carboxylic acid, 2-(2'-hydroxynaphth-1'-yl)-delta2-thiazoline-(4S)-carboxylic acid, 2-(3'-hydroxynaphth-2'-yl)-delta2-thiazoline-(4R)-carboxylic acid, and 2-(3'-hydroxynaphth-2'-yl)-delta2-thiazoline-(4S)-carboxylic acid are(More)
The (S)-desferrithiocin (DFT) skeleton is shown to be a useful pharmacophore on which to design orally effective iron chelators. While the study clearly indicates that formal reduction of the desazadesmethyldesferrithiocin thiazoline to a thiazolidine (6), expansion of the desmethyldesferrithiocin thiazoline to a thiazine (7), or substitution of the(More)
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