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The level and the spatial organization of chloroplast DNA polymorphism were investigated in Dicorynia guianensis Hamshoff (Caesalpiniaceae) at different spatial and temporal scales. D. guianensis is a canopy tree of the rain forest that is distributed throughout the Guiana plateau in small aggregates. Twelve different haplotypes were identified using(More)
The GEEB Team of the University of Reunion directed this research towards the optimization of the anaerobic digestion of solid and liquid waste by injection of leachate. The objectives are to assess the performances of this type of process (to accelerate the process of biological breakdown) and to require a better control of the physicochemical mechanisms(More)
Pterins, derivatives of 2-aminopteridin-4(3H)-one, are natural photosensitizers, common to many biological systems. Indications that these photosensitizers are also present in the sea-surface microlayer motivated the study of the photophysical and photochemical properties of 6-carboxypterin (CPT), which was chosen as a model for this group of photoactive(More)
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