S. Dulamtseren

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The Asiatic wild ass Equus hemionus, or khulan, once ranged across much of Central Asia, but is now globally threatened. The largest free-ranging populations are now restricted to a 250-km wide area (range 100±400 km) across the Gobi Desert region of southern Mongolia. Over the last 23 years the population has moved further north and east into its former(More)
Despite 150 years of interest in the ecology of dinosaurs, mammoths, proto-hominids and other extinct vertebrates, a general framework to recreate patterns of sociality has been elusive. Based on our recent discovery of a contemporary heterospecific mass death assemblage in the Gobi Desert (Mongolia), we fit predictions about gender-specific associations(More)
The taxonomic status of the Mongolian saiga has been considered. Data are provided about historical findings, and its possible relationship to the Pleistocene saiga (Saiga borealis) is reviewed. The current distribution and the changes in the Mongolian saiga abundance during recent decades are discussed on the basis of published data and the author's field(More)
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