S Douglas Lee

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Admission hyperglycaemia is associated with a poor outcome in patients with ischaemic stroke. However, its prognostic effects after intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) are still unclear. We prospectively enrolled patients with ICH at 33 centres in Korea between October 2002 and March 2004. A total of 1,387 patients who had ICH and underwent brain computed(More)
This study was performed to determine the effects of dietary fat sources, i.e., beef tallow, soybean oil, olive oil and coconut oil (each 3% in feed), on the growth performance, meat quality and gene expression in growing-finishing pigs. A total of 72 crossbred pigs (Landrace×Large White×Duroc) were used at 71±1 kg body weight (about 130 d of age) in 24(More)
A 40-year-old man with Down syndrome presented with right heart failure. He was markedly obese and had severe developmental delay. There was marked edema and an early diastolic sound. Transthoracic echocardiography suggested a right heart mass. Transesophageal echocardiography revealed an unruptured balloon-like sinus of Valsalva aneurysm within the right(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine the electrophysiologic mechanisms explaining the efficacy of combination therapy with DL-sotalol and a type Ia drug in the treatment of ventricular tachycardia (VT). BACKGROUND Combination antiarrhythmic drug therapy with low dose DL-sotalol plus a type Ia antiarrhythmic agent has been shown to prevent spontaneous and(More)
The problem of illumination estimation for colour constancy and automatic white balancing of digital color imagery can be viewed as the separation of the image into illumination and reflectance components. We propose using nonnegative matrix factorization with sparseness constraints (NMFsc) to separate the components. Since illumination and reflectance are(More)
Allele und genotype frequencies and the mutation rate of a short tandem repeat locus, the myelin basic protein (MBP) gene, were studied in 973 unrelated Koreans. The alleles were distributed in two discrete regions, one in a high molecular weight region (A) above 190 bp and the other in a low molecular weight region (B) below 150 bp. In a heterozygote, two(More)
The allele frequency and mutation rate in a Short Tandem Repeat locus, Y27 were studied in 247 unrelated Korean males using polymerase chain reaction followed by high-resolution polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, a procedure called the amplification fragment length polymorphism technique. Six alleles were noted ranging from 190 bp to 210 bp. They existed(More)
INTRODUCTION A commercial pacemaker sensor measure of the unipolar endocardial stimulus to T wave interval may accurately reflect changes in the monophasic action potential duration at 90% repolarization (APD90). This sensor system was used to study the kinetics of adaptation of repolarization duration to changes in heart rate in humans. METHODS AND(More)
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