S. Doerr

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A significant association between male subfertility, imperfect spermiation and abnormal nuclear condensation has been suggested. The DNA content of spermatozoa might be responsible for inducing alterations in sperm morphology. The final nuclear shape, which is species-specific, depends on chromatin condensation during spermatogenesis as well as a precise(More)
High-throughput molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are a computational method consisting of using multiple short trajectories, instead of few long ones, to cover slow biological time scales. Compared to long trajectories this method offers the possibility to start the simulations in successive batches, building a knowledgeable model of the available data(More)
Small molecules used in fragment-based drug discovery form multiple, promiscuous binding complexes difficult to capture experimentally. Here, we identify such binding poses and their associated energetics and kinetics using molecular dynamics simulations on AmpC β-lactamase. Only one of the crystallographic binding poses was found to be thermodynamically(More)
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