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We have characterized the new potent and selective nonxanthine adenosine A2A receptor antagonist SCH 58261 as a new radioligand for receptor autoradiography. In autoradiographic studies using agonist radioligands for A2A receptors ([3H]CGS 21680) or A1 receptors (N6-[3H]cyclohexyladenosine), it was found that SCH 58261 is close to 800-fold selective for rat(More)
1. The present study describes the binding to rat striatal A2A adenosine receptors of the new potent and selective antagonist radioligand, [3H]-5-amino-7-(2-phenylethyl)-2-(2-furyl)-pyrazolo[4,3-e]-1,2,4-triazol o [1,5-c] pyrimidine, [3H]-SCH 58261. 2. [3H]-SCH 58261 specific binding to rat striatal membranes ( > 90%) was saturable, reversible and dependent(More)
The antipsychotic remoxipride, a selective dopamine D-2 receptor antagonist, was studied for its effects on sleep-waking patterns in the rat and electroencephalographic (EEG) activity in the rabbit. Haloperidol, which has lesser selectivity for D-2 receptors, was used for comparison. In the rat, remoxipride (1-10 mg/kg SC) did not affect either total sleep(More)
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