S Di Luise

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The T2K experiment observes indications of ν(μ) → ν(e) appearance in data accumulated with 1.43×10(20) protons on target. Six events pass all selection criteria at the far detector. In a three-flavor neutrino oscillation scenario with |Δm(23)(2)| = 2.4×10(-3)  eV(2), sin(2)2θ(23) = 1 and sin(2)2θ(13) = 0, the expected number of such events is 1.5±0.3(syst).(More)
ArDM is the first operating ton-scale liquid argon detector for direct search of Dark Matter particles. Developed at CERN as Recognized Experiment RE 18, the experiment has been approved in 2010 to be installed in the Spanish underground site LSC (Labora-torio Subterraneo de Canfranc). Under the label of LSC EXP-08-2010 the ArDM detector underwent an(More)
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