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Alagille syndrome (AGS) has been assigned to 20p11.23-20p12.2 according to minimum overlap between deletions observed on the chromosome 20 short arm of 9 patients. We report here the localisation of 5 microsatellite markers (D20S41, D20S48, D20S50, D20S56, and D20S58) within the deletion of one AGS patient. This study allows an estimation of the genetic(More)
Alagille syndrome (AGS) is a well-defined genetic entity assigned to the short arm of Chromosome (Chr) 20 by a series of observations of AGS patients associated with microdeletions in this region. By fusing lymphoblastoid cells of an AGS patient that exhibited a microdeletion in the short arm of Chr 20 encompassing bands p11.23 to p12.3 with rodent(More)
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