S. Dhanalakshmi

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Here, we assessed the protective effect of silibinin on UVB-induced skin carcinogenesis in SKH-1 hairless mice. Topical application of silibinin before or immediately after UVB exposure or its dietary feeding resulted in a strong protection against photocarcinogenesis, in terms of tumor multiplicity (60 – 66%; P < 0.001), tumor volume per mouse (93–97%; P <(More)
Sunscreens partially filter UVB and, therefore, could partially prevent skin cancer; however, efficient approaches are desired to effectively prevent photocarcinogenesis. It is hypothesized that nontoxic pharmacologically active natural compounds can increase photoprotective effects. Our completed studies suggest that silibinin, a bioactive phytochemical,(More)
Non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) accounts for >1 million new cases each year in the US alone suggesting that more approaches are needed for its prevention and control. Earlier studies by us have shown that silymarin (a crude form of biologically active silibinin with some other isomers), isolated from milk thistle, affords strong protection against(More)
An increasing incidence of human skin cancer and other adverse effects of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation enhance the need for novel chemoprevention strategies. Here, we have studied the effect of silibinin on UVB-induced apoptosis in HaCaT cells. Silibinin strongly prevented lower doses (15 and 30 mJ/cm2) of UVB-induced apoptosis, as observed by a(More)
In this paper, we prove the existence of mild solutions for the semilinear fractional order functional of Volterra-Fredholm type differential equations with nonlocal conditions in a Banach space. The results are obtained by using the theory of fractional calculus, the analytic semigroup theory of linear operators and the fixed point techniques.
For a connected graph, a minimum vertex separator is a minimum set of vertices whose removal creates at least two connected components. The vertex connectivity of the graph refers to the size of the minimum vertex separator and a graph is k-vertex connected if its vertex connectivity is k, k ≥ 1. Given a k-vertex connected graph G, the combinatorial problem(More)
Strictly Chordality-k graphs (SC k) are graphs which are either cycle-free or every induced cycle is of length exactly k, k ≥ 3. Strictly chordality-3 and strictly chordality-4 graphs are well known chordal and chordal bipartite graphs, respectively. For k ≥ 5, the study has been recently initiated in [1] and various structural and algorithmic results are(More)
A vertex separator of a connected graph G is a set of vertices removing which will result in two or more connected components and a minimum vertex separator is a set which contains the minimum number of such vertices, i.e., the cardinality of this set is least among all possible vertex separator sets. The cardinality of the minimum vertex separator refers(More)