S. Dey

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Discretization of continuous attributes is a necessary prerequisite in deriving association rules and discovery of knowledge from databases. The derived rules are simpler and intuitively more meaningful if only a small number of attributes are used, and each attribute is discretized into a few intervals. The present research paper explores the interrelation(More)
Isotropic sources are extended to take anisotropy into account in order to obtain a smooth anisotropic sizing field for anisotropic mesh generation. Different types of anisotropic sources are described to represent boundary layers on surfaces and in volume that guarantee a smooth anisotropic field. This allows to us resolve multiple boundary layer(More)
A communication's " link " refers to the transmission of the signal from a transmitter and its reception by a receiver. An accounting of signal strength and noise is an important part of system design and is known as a " link budget ". The ability to communicate depends on the strength of the signal and the amount of thermal noise that make its way into the(More)
A new high spectral accuracy compact difference scheme is proposed here. This has been obtained by constrained optimization of error in spectral space for discretizing first derivative for problems with non-periodic boundary condition. This produces a scheme with the highest spectral accuracy among all known compact schemes, although this is formally only(More)
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