S. Dere Kundan

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A series of parasubstituted tetraphenylporphyrin zirconium(IV) salicylate complexes (SA/5-SSAZr(IV)RTPP, R = p-H, p-CH3, p-NO2, p-Cl, SA = salicylate, and 5-SSA = 5-sulfosalicylate) have been synthesized, and the spectral properties of free base porphyrins, their corresponding metallated, and axially ligated zirconium(IV) porphyrin compounds were compared(More)
Projector-based display systems have been used in area of computer interaction as Ad-hoc interface in recent time. The mobile hand-held projectors are becoming more popular. Many human centric user interfaces with the human wearable computer are being developed. Most of such system uses daily objects for projection and the interaction. But most of ignores(More)
Results of investigation of the physicochemical properties of zinc complexes containing substituted phenols as axial ligand having general formula [X-Zn-t(p-CH3) PP] [where X = different phenolates as axial ligand] in impurity-free organic solvent are presented. The four-coordinated zinc porphyrin accepts one axial ligand in 1 : 1 molar ratio to form(More)
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