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Let p be a trigonometric polynomial, non-negative on the unit circle T. We say that a measure σ on T belongs to the polynomial Szeg˝ o class, if dσ(e iθ) = σ ′ ac (e iθ)dθ + dσ s (e iθ), σ s is singular, and 2π 0 p(e iθ) log σ ′ ac (e iθ) dθ > −∞ For the associated orthogonal polynomials {ϕ n }, we obtain pointwise asymp-totics inside the unit disc D. Then(More)
The Barnes–Hut algorithm GPUs CUDA a b s t r a c t We present an approach to molecular-dynamics simulations of ferrofluids on graphics processing units (GPUs). Our numerical scheme is based on a GPU-oriented modification of the Barnes–Hut (BH) algorithm designed to increase the parallelism of computations. For an ensemble consisting of a million(More)
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