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We describe a new approach to quantify in vivo anti-infective activity by simulating effect site pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in vitro. This approach is based on (i) the in vivo measurement of interstitial drug pharmacokinetics (PK) at the target site and (ii) a subsequent pharmacodynamic (PD) simulation of the time versus drug concentration profile in(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data indicate a higher level of effectivity of beta-lactam antibiotics if serum concentrations are kept above the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the pathogen. This concept would favor continuous infusion over bolus dosing. However, it is usually not the serum concentration but the free interstitial concentration in the target(More)
Interstitial ciprofloxacin concentrations in soft tissues were measured by microdialysis following intravenous administration of 200 mg to each of eight healthy volunteers. Interstitial ciprofloxacin concentrations were significantly lower than corresponding total serum drug concentrations; the interstitium-to-serum concentration ratios ranged from 0.55 to(More)
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