S. Deivalakshmi

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A methodology based on median filters for the removal of Salt and Pepper noise by its detection followed by filtering in both binary and gray level images has been proposed in this paper. Linear and nonlinear filters have been proposed earlier for the removal of impulse noise; however the removal of impulse noise often brings about blurring which results in(More)
A superior methodology based on Improved tolerance based selective arithmetic mean filtering technique for the detection and removal of Salt and Pepper Noise on corrupted images is presented in this paper. The function of the proposed filtering technique is to detect and remove the noisy pixels and restore the noise free information. Many linear and non(More)
In this paper, a novel technique for the removal of both horizontal and vertical lines in the document images are presented using shift, difference and coordinate logic operations. The method is also employed in the non-document images to remove the lines and to detect the edges. The proposed method shows promising results than the conventional methods(More)
Tables are one of the efficient information conveying methods used now days in larger extent. This paper report a fast, language independent (English and Tamil), skilled technique for table structure detection and its content extraction from a scanned document image based on morphological operation, connected components and labeling. From the conducted(More)
Segmentation of the contents of document images into text and non-text regions is an essential pre-processing step for applications such as document analysis and classification, as well as OCR. This paper presents a novel technique to segment the document image into text and non-text regions using a combination of Wavelet-based Gray Level Co-Occurrence(More)
Form processing is an essential operation in business and government organizations. In this digital arena, it is necessary to extract the information from the form documents and the Information extraction is useful in postal address extraction and forgery detection in bank cheques etc. This process can also recover the Unfilled-Form structure from a filled(More)
The main aim of this paper is to propose a technique for enhancing contrast of the dark images using Undecimated Balanced GHM multi wavelet transform (UMWT) and Dynamic Stochastic Resonance (DSR). The DSR based approach utilizes the inherent noise of an image for enhancement. Darkness due to inadequate illumination is treated as noise, and is used to yield(More)
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